Quality Control Systems at Honya

1. SPC charts to check and monitor operation conditions
2. FMEA analysis to aim towards continual improvement
3. PPAP reports for car PCBs
4. 8-D analysis reports with statistical tools such as DOE, fish-bone charts for problem reviews and trouble shooting
5. Incoming control team to inspect incoming material quality
6. In-process quality control team to check the in-process product quality during production
7. Final audit team to ensure high out-going quality
8. Supplier Control Survey to assure the supplier quality level is met.

Adhering to our quality control methods, we can make sure that every one of our PCBs meets the following requirements:

* All PCBs manufactured by Honya must follow the IPC-A 600F (Class 2) standard during the whole production process.
* All PCBs must be inspected 100% by open/short testers and checked by QA engineers.
* All PCBs must undergo six different inspections as they progress through our PCB production process:

  • Application
  • 100% visual inspection
  • Sampling testing
  • Dimension measurement, including holes, outline, board thickness and so on
  • Microsection report, including hole copper thickness, surface copper thickness, layer stackup and so on
  • Reliability testing, including thermal shock test, solderability test and so on
  • FQC

After sales service is also very important for us. We use 8-D analysis report with statistic tools such as DOE, Fish-bone charts for problem review and trouble shooting. And try our best to reduce the customer’s loss, and make detail corrective actions to avoid the same problem happen again.